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Leather Cushion

Our Classics

Cars are for hire for your next photoshoot.  Create unique content and elevate your next photo session with one of our vintage cars.  We make sure the cars are photo ready and will arrange delivery and pick up at your photo location within the Charlotte Metro Area. 

What do YOU have in mind?  Contact us for booking details.



1965 Mustang Coupe

Natasha, our Black Widow, is perfect for your pinup photos, a vintage style wedding, or senior who wants unique graduation photos. Her classic black paint with red racing strip will be visually striking and sure to turn heads. Juxtaposed against her red interior your photos will make a bold and adventurous statement.


1975 Corvette Convertible

Ginny is a timeless convertible for a special touch to your photos. This stingray is a classic powerful and stylish sports car beloved by car enthusiasts. Capture a vision of the American spirit, adventure and pushing boundaries, with her sleek grey exterior and black interior.



1983 K10 Silverado

Margie is a classic 'farm truck' great for families, seniors and rustic photoshoots. She is perfect for timeless family photos, picking out the Christmas tree, picnic in the bed of the truck, or reminiscing of time with Grandpa at the farm.


1992 Camaro Z28

Party like its 1999, Chloe will remind you of a time filled with boy bands, Nintendo and life before social media and influencers. She has red leather interior striking against the artic white exterior. Capture your need for speed, power and style with this 25th anniversary edition Z28.

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